The hottest stock of 2021 closed up 92.7% yesterday and jumped another 45% after hours after the richest man on earth, Elon Musk, tweeted a WallStreetBets link with the caption
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Ok, now back to wtf is going on...

Today we've got (more) Gamestonk news and earnings season is getting hot and heavy.

Enjoy the next 4 minutes and 22 seconds of blue-chip news and commentary.

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Let's check in on the markets...




S&P 500 









Markets were down slightly yesterday.

And ICYMI, we recently launched the $MEME Index. Every day we'll feature a handful of stocks (and other assets) that the internet can't stop sh*tposting about. Think: the stocks heading to the moon thanks to r/WallStreetBets.


Tesla ($883.09) +0.26%
GameStop ($147.98) +92.71%
Palantir ($35.37) -2.37%

BlackBerry ($18.92) +4.94%
AMC ($4.96) +12.93%
Bitcoin ($32,011.77) -4.24%

Bitcoin price as of 4 PM EST


New high score


Source: Twitter

Is that bad?

Not if you own shares of GameStop.

(If you’re unaware of what’s happening with GameStop’s stock/WallStreetBets, check out this refresher over on Barstool. Thanks to friend of the program, Large, for the love.)

The hottest stock of 2021 closed up 92.7% yesterday and jumped another 45% after hours after the richest man on earth, Elon Musk, tweeted a WallStreetBets link with the caption "Gamestonk!!"

And Elon wasn’t the only one pimping out $GME. Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya also tweeted that he bought call options and expects the stock price to go up. And then it did. He should be hearing from the SEC right about... now.

Stay the course

Short sellers have amassed roughly $5B in losses thanks to the rise in GameStop's share price. But they aren’t backing down. Over the last 30 days, another 1.5M shares of the stock (roughly $117M) have been borrowed and sold short.

A touch of musk

It’s like the Midas touch but for stonks. We all remember Elon’s infamous "funding secured" tweet back in 2018 that sent Tesla’s stock soaring.

And now the entrepreneur is helping other companies’ share prices as well. Earlier this week Musk tweeted about a hat he bought on Etsy for his dog...and the stock jumped 8%. The guy’s a legend.

Water Cooler Talking Point(s)...

"Technically, Elon only promised he wouldn't tweet about Tesla's stock..."

- Ian, The Water Coolest HQ


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Define "missed opportunity." On yesterday's earnings call Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did not take the opportunity to announce a name change to capitalize on GameStop's success.

Of course, Microsoft didn't exactly need any help from WallStreetBets or anyone else for that matter. The company reported a big revenue ($43.08B vs. $40.18B estimate) and earnings ($2.03 per share vs. $1.64 per share estimate) beat for its fiscal Q2.

Victim of success

Once again, Azure put the team on it's back. The overachieving cloud platform grew revenue by 50%. Those types of numbers have become par for the course for the AWS competitor.

But the 50% gain is actually a slowdown. In 2019 Azure's quarterly revenue growth was in the 90-ish% range and in 2020 it hovered around 60%.

But it wasn't all reminiscing about the good times

There's nothing soft about investors after hearing $MSFT's forward-looking guidance.

Mr. Softee is expecting revenue to come in between $40.35B to $41.25B next quarter. That represents 16.5% revenue growth and is significantly higher than analysts original consensus estimates.

And, I know this might be hard to believe, but there are some people that invest in stonks that aren't being hawked in an internet chatroom. Shares of $MSFT rose 1.2% during trading and climbed nearly 4% after earnings dropped.

Water Cooler Talking Point(s)...

"Who's gonna break it to Satya that $MSFT is going to be replaced by BlackBerry in the Dow?"

- Tyler, The Water Coolest HQ


Venti power move

Walgreens is poaching Rosalind Brewer from her post at Starbucks and making her CEO as it continues to try and turn things around. Brewer will replace Stefano Pessina. It’s share price rose 8% on the news.

"Roz" as she prefers to be called, will be the only black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company. 

Walgreens is hoping Brewer’s experience growing Starbucks digital business will translate to the pharmacy chain. The good news for her? There’s literally no way she could do any worse than one of her predecessors, Greg Wasson, who inked a deal with Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos...

In demand

After chasing Intel for years, AMD is going for the jugular with its biggest competitor against the ropes (read: Intel has been on the struggle bus as of late).

CEO Lisa Su announced Q1 revenues of $3.2B and an upbeat forecast for 2021, anticipating sales to increase by 37%.

Shares of AMD dropped 1% on the day, but are up 90% over the last year.

Captain PLANeT

and Beyond are seeing each other, and it's getting pretty serious. The two announced a joint venture called The PLANeT Partnership. Apparently, the multibillion dollar companies hired a seven-year-old to name the JV.

Financial terms weren't disclosed and the companies were pretty vague about what types of products consumers can expect. So, Beyond Fritos?

As is tradition whenever $BYND announces a partnership, the stock jumped. During trading shares climbed as much as 26% before ending the day at +17.7%.

Small package

Luckily David Solomon's got a lucrative side hustle. According to filings Goldman's CEO took a major pay cut in 2020 as punishment for the firm's involvement in the 1MDB scandal.

How bad was it? DJ D-Sol's comp package dropped 36% to $17.5M.

How can the board sleep at night knowing they forced D-Sol to live on a peasant's salary?

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